Friederichs & Thompson, P.A.
 Superior Quality Legal Services

Legal Services for Businesses

Friederichs & Thompson provides superior quality legal services to business clients primarily in the areas of employment litigation, human resources consulting, and unemployment benefits disputes.

Free Initial Consultation

In order to help you assess your representation needs, Friederichs & Thompson provides a free, 30-minute, not obligation, initial consultation.  Call 952-814-0110 to schedule this consultation.

Employment Litigation

Friederichs & Thompson provides a strong defense for businesses, who have been sued in State or Federal Court by a current or former employee alleging violation of his or her employment rights.

If you have received notice of an administrative charge filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, or other administrative agency, Friederichs & Thompson provides defense and consultation to respond to administrative charges.

Human Resources Consulting

When an employee-related issue arises in your workforce, Friederichs & Thompson provides legal advice and practical solutions to address the situation.

Friederichs & Thompson provides services designed to prevent employment disputes from arising, including counseling, drafting policies and procedures, employment contracts, handbooks, and training.

Unemployment Benefits Disputes

When your business fires an employee, a dispute may arise concerning the former employee's request for unemployment benefits.  If your business seeks to challenge the request for benefits or is notified of an employee's challenge, Friederichs & Thompson provides representation to enforce your right to oppose unemployment benefits through the Minnesota Department Economic Security process.